Use Cases
  • Use case 1: Weather, road safety and maintenance services. Novel road weather, safety and road maintenance services enabled by 5G. The services are relying highly on data (incl. video) collected from vehicles (e.g. crowd-sourcing) and roadside sensors as well as to the intelligent real-time processing of the collected data (e.g. AI).
  • Use case 2: Hybrid connectivity for extended service coverage and reliability in remote or rural locations. The usage of more than one network technology (e.g. 5G, ITS-G5, 5G/satcom integration) to extend the coverage area and improving reliability of the services developed in UC1 and UC3. Adaptation of the services and data transmission to the network capabilities.
  • Use case 3: Ultra-low delay services for autonomous driving focusing on road safety information and services for the safety of vulnerable road users. Services requiring especially very low latencies (5G: 1 ms) in ensuring the safety of automated vehicles. The aim is also to identify pedestrians, who are at risk of accidents, and to send dangerous status notification to the relevant pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Use Case 4 Services for cyber-attacks information of vehicles. The aim is provide a service to detect and block cyber-attacks to CAVs and smart transportation systems. (Wedge Networks = Use Case Leader).
  • All Use Cases will "respect" the 5G-SAFE-PLUS overall objectives, especially the utilization of 5G technology.