Project Objectives
  • Study and refine the novel 5G-inspired use cases for the automotive vertical sector and to analyse the resulting requirements and business models for connectivity and services in participating countries.
  • Design and develop connectivity and data aggregation solutions for vehicles, fleets and sensors using current technologies and analyse enhancements brought by 5G.
  • Design and develop advanced road weather and safety services to vehicles, road users, and 3rd party organizations based on vehicular sensor data, telematics, and meteorological systems.
  • Analyse the distribution of the service architectures and data processing closer to the network edge and end user and develop the required MEC applications.
  • Perform technology evaluation using simulations, as well as piloting and testing of the developed solutions in 5G and vehicular test environments, including the latest technology.
  • Utilize the results and cooperation in the project in extending or enhancing the product and research offerings of the partners, contributing to dissemination to public and scientific forums, and providing input to standardization and legislation.