5G-SAFE-PLUS Big Issues
  • 5G-SAFE-Plus aims to prevent traffic accidents and avoid casualties with time-critical road safety services to vehicles such as accurate weather, hazard and road condition information.
  • Vehicle data allows services benefitting meteorological forecasts & optimizing road maintenance.
  • Services may also be used by automated vehicles in challenging weather & road conditions.
  • To ensure smooth transition to 5G and maximize reliability, hybrid network environments, including, 3G, 4G, 5G, ITS-G5 and, if possible, also satellite communication, will be used so that the service provision can be guaranteed continuously.
  • For supporting real-time requirements and ensuring scalability, the solution includes means for local processing (e.g. fog/edge) and information aggregation.
  • Information security plays a key role as well and will be considered by design in the overall solution, to be validated in pilot constructions in real environments.